Operate your Panoscan Wirelessly...

Using your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Panoscan now offeres full wireless control from an iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply connect your laptop computer to the camera as usual & enable "VNC Screen Sharing" in the sharing control panel. (Available on OS-X 10.5 & Windows.)

Several VNC clients for the iPhone & iPod Touch are now availabe on the iTunes application store. (Such as: Mocha VNC or Jaadu VNC.) Simply instal the VNC client on your iPhone & login to your camera's laptop computer. Once you are logged in you will have full control of your computer & ViewFinder software. And becasue it's based on standard IP & WiFi technology... you can operate the camera from a few feet away or from across the globe via the internet if desired. VNC client software is also available for Windows computers in case you want to operate the camera remotely from a Windows PC as well.