A Virtual Tour of the United Nations is a new multimedia CD-ROM adventure which provides an unrivaled source of knowledge about the many facets of this important organization.

Co-produced by Spinning Eye and the UN's Department of Public Information, A Virtual Tour of the United Nations features a Panoscan look into the UN, its main bodies and the people that work to make the world a better place. Spinning Eye's team of producers spent over six months taking panoramic photographs, filming and researching on-site at UN Headquarters. Click HERE to see more pictures of the Panoscan MK-3 on location.

This CD-ROM is a must have for anyone interested in the United Nations and a perfect addition to the collection of someone who has always wanted to take a journey through this unique organization. A Virtual Tour of the United Nations is a powerful teaching tool that combines an engaging narrative with the liveliness of interactive panoramas and interviews. Click HERE for more information about where to order this CD.