Useful Tools for Creating VR Images

Image Editing Tools:
Adobe Photoshop is an excellent cross platform image editor. It is especially useful because it uses an extensible plugin architecture. It can be used with the Panorama Tools plugin below.
PanoPost was devellopped for cameras like the Panoscan MK1 and MK2. It performs many useful tasks such as radial color correction for fisheye lenses. Ir also performs Geometry correction for various lenses. It allows precise cropping and allignment of the image. It performs seam blending. This is a "must have" tool for all Panoscan owners.

Free Tools:
This powerful tool allows you to create QuickTime VR panoramas from panoramic PICT images. Images from Panoscan are easily converted to PICT images and then converted to QuickTime VR movies.
QTVR Make Panorama 2
This free tool from Apple allows you to convert Panoscan Equirectangular images into QuickTime VR movies. This is a "must have" for any Panoscan owner.

Re-Projection Tools:
Panorama Tools is a powerful Photoshop plugin that perfomrs many useful image manipulations including remapping image projection from one format to another.
Panorama Tools

QTVR Authoring:
VR Worx

VR Worx 2.6 is VR Toolbox's cross-platform suite of authoring tools to create panoramic movies, object movies and multi-node scenes in QuickTime VR. Features include the ability to generate an object movie with a panorama background, importing and exporting at 10,000 x 3,000 pixels, multinode transitions and it's also AppleScriptable.

This program allows you to convert Panoscan Equirectangular images into QuickTime VR movies. Also converts cylinder images to Cubic Format. This is a great tool for any Panoscan owner.
This Program allows you to add and link hotspots to a QuickTime VR cubic movie.
Adds directional stereo sound to QTVR
Adds maps and markers to QTVR
Adds automatic panning to QTVR
Splits up multinodes for the Web

QuickTime is one of the most popular interactive VR players available. QuickTime works with Windows and Apple Computers. QuickTime offers an unparalleled and comprehensive feature set.
Zoomify offers solutions for streaming high resolution panoramic and cubic images via standard web servers.
Immervision offers a high quality spherical viewer, Standalone and JAVA versions for many platforms.
FLASH VR is Flash solution for panoramic movies with realtime optical correction. No other plugins required!

This technology can be used by more than 95% of all internet users worldwide without additional installation.

Tourweaver: A fast and easy way to create professional virtual tour. You may use this professional virtual tour software to create vivid tours with interactive map, hotspot, texts, slideshow. etc.
Crime Scene Virtual Tour provides a distinctive virtual reality solution for crime scene reconstruction, which is used to document and observe complete information for crime scene investigation and forensic analysis. Based on 360 degree panoramic images, Crime Scene Virtual Tour is a multi-media

tool which integrates original crime scenes, interactive map, still images, slideshow, texts, audios, links, thumbnails, etc. It provides an easy way to reconstruct a 3D crime scene through photographs and offers unparalleled features for crime scene investigators, which takes them back to the crime scenes and enables them to wander at the actual place. This solution also gives the possibility of zooming and turning images so as to view every detail in the scene clearly.

Usefull Hardware:
Kaidan carries just about everything related to VR! From QTVR Turntables to Panoscan Cameras to software Kaidan has it all. Be sure to see the Nodal Point Bracket specifically designed for Panoscan MK-1.
Kaidan Nodal Point Bracket!
Photoflex manufactures extremely useful lighting products that are perfect for use with Panoscan. The WhiteDome kits are especially versitile. Panoscan is also a fully authorized Photoflex dealler.
Hoodman Laptop Sun Hoods!
Immervision offers a high quality spherical viewer, Standalone and JAVA versions for many platforms.