Here is what Photographers have to say about Panoscan:
Panoscan QTVR by Janie Fitzgerold

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"I love true colours and crystal clear pictures, and I've spent thousands of hours in Photoshop working on my film based QTVR photos, but the digital photograph has arrived and it looks great. The first time I used the Panoscan, I was prepared to spend several hours doing color corrections and various fixes in post. I remember when I opened that first image in Photoshop I was shocked with what I saw. There was absolutely no color corrections needed and there was nothing to fix, it was really clean. The Panoscan image is true to the real environment and the quality is very high, and my clients do know the difference..."

Janie Fitzgerold

Infra-Red Panoscan QTVR by Les Jorgensen
"As a beta site for the Phase One's cameras, we were privileged to hear about the Panoscan from it's early development and eagerly awaited it's production. It did not disappoint. The quality we had come to expect from Phase One was suddenly available for a 360 degree photograph with the Panoscan. Joy! We owe Panoscan's inventor, Ted Chavalas, a debt of gratitude for inventing a versatile VR panoramic camera that will take us well into the broad-bandwith future. When the Museum of Modern Art , NY asked us to do 17 galleries and over 40 views in only two days, we knew the Panoscan was the only choice. It did not disappoint them- they were so thrilled, they asked us back to do their Car show in the Garden.. It's all about quality of imagery and we know of no other machine that allows us to use our skills and lenses for such great results. Thanks, Ted."

Les Jorgensen and Simon Feldman

Panoscan QTVR by Davo Scheich
"This wacky invention of yours is incredible! It's such a flexible system. I can shoot normal or extreme wide angle with almost no setup change.No more complicated dewarping and stitching.

The ability to rescan a specific area of the scene and have it align perfectly has saved me countless hours of retouching when shooting under tough lighting conditions.

Simply put, Panoscan creates great looking images that help ME achieve greatness in the eyes of my client."

Davo Scheich

Multi-Node Panoscan QTVR by John Early
The Panoscan camera has revolutionized the way VR content is captured. Its high-quality digital capture and lack of stitching has freed me from the traditional drudgery of film capture, scanning and stitching. Now I am able to concentrate more on lighting and aesthetics, which is the reason why I'm in this business.

With the Panoscan I am able to produce VR panos of the highest quality. These panos reward my clients with the best possible showcase for their product and reward me with repeat business from my clients. Thanks Panoscan!

John Early

Panoscan QTVR by Eric Poppleton
EPOP uses the Panoscan exclusively for shooting Digital Panoramic VR content. As the world of QTVR becomes more and more widely excepted the need for high resolution images and color clarity becomes a necessity. The Panoscan system offers features that no other system can match. EPOP has delivered thousands of QTVR images for web pages, stock sales and personal use with no problems whatsoever. Mechanically the Panoscan exceeds every torture test we can run it through.

What else can I say. You can run it through your own paces as we have in sub zero temperatures, excessive heat / humidity, wind, sand, dust and high altitude conditions. The Panoscan is as tough and adaptable as it gets. Furthermore technical support is a phone call away with a professional one time answer directly from the inventor of the system.

Try it for yourself, you will find that stitching is certainly not the best use of time for commercial imaging work. Flexibility and VR freedom begins here-Panoscan.

Eric Poppleton

"I have been doing panos inside cars for two years now and the first few can only be described as a monumental effort to get nowhere good. Alot of late nights scanning test film to check level and "stitchability". After all that the results were acceptable at best. About a year ago I received a demo of the camera on a shoot in Detroit. I knew this system was something special. I as a photographer was having to adapt equipment not meant for this kind of work and ending up with comprimised results. The panoscan, built from the ground up, gets me a high resolution image on my laptop in less time it took to shoot film. The best thing that has developed about this time saving is that I now have time to relight certain parts of the car interior and composite these in post so the quality of the finished piece is far superior to anything I got with film. My clients also now will only accept files from the panoscan. When I can shoot a test and build a sample to view within minutes it takes the pressure off and the client feels instantly at ease. Anyone shooting interior auto QTVR's has to be using the panoscan."

Mark LaFavor

"We find it hard to imagine how this image could have been made without the Panoscan. When displayed in client meetings, this picture tends to make the room go quiet. The next sound is usually someone asking how soon we can be available to work for them..."

Paul Ellis

The cockpit of a preserved 1950's twin-prop aeroplane, shot with the 16mm lens. Click on the front instrument panel to see an uncompressed, full-resolution clip from the original image.

Panoscan QTVR by Thom Scott
“The Panoscan Mark II system has given us the edge we were looking for: We needed a high resolution camera system capable of producing full-frame cubic panoramas for the web in large volume. We needed a system that gave us the edge in the VR field to mass-produce images of jaw-dropping quality that far exceeded other firms’ products. Stitching cubic panoramas with a normal digital camera was far too slow and prone to error. The Panoscan quickly captures the entire image in one pass allowing us to offer full-frame QTVR images in serious volume.

  The system has proven rugged as well. Most of our shooting is on location in vacation rental resorts and beach areas. We needed a system that was durable and could stand up to rugged daily use. The camera has proven tough – 6 months of use in the field and it looks and works like new.

  The Panoscan MKII was better than we expected. The camera has paid for itself. Instead of merely expanding into a new niche, we were able to dominate and our business is growing. When clients view a demo or see the Panoscan in action, they realize the potential the images can bring to their business. Thanks Ted!”

Thom Scott

United Nations Tour CD-ROM

by: Jens Look

"We prepared this important production over three years and I needed a camera that is reliable, fast, provides high resolution files and get me the best possible quality in every lighting situation. The Panoscan MK-3 was the only camera that fits it all. Because of the high speed of the MK-3 I was able to made all images with the maximum resolution. Many rooms inside the United Nations building are very difficult to shoot and it was incredible how the Panoscan could handle the low-light situations."

Jens Look

QTVR by David A. Wagner

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"The eCommerce marketplace is highly competitive. We need cutting edge technology to maintain our high profile clientele and Panoscan gives us that technology along with the confidence to make creative decisions on the fly. Our clients are convinced too, that we are giving them exemplary results."

David A. Wagner