Setting Up Your PowerBook
Although you can use the Panoscan image capture software with almost any Macintosh with system 7.6.1 or later we strongly recommend the use of OS-9 or later and a PowerBook G4 or G3 iBook with 192 meg. of RAM minimum.

The scan performance of the Panoscan system is highly dependent on the optimum setup of your computer. For example, virtual memory and the energy saver settings can drastically slow down the performance of the camera.

Please refer to the settings in this section to set up you computer for best performance with the Panoscan system.

Monitor Settings:

Be sure to set your monitor to 24 bit color.

We recommend making a monitor profile that uses a minimum gamma correction of 2.2 because this is the gamma correction factor used by most Windows machines that may be viewing your work on the internet. This will allow you to better judge your exposures. We also recommend setting the color of the LCD to D50 or 5000K or it will look to blue indoors.

Virtual Memory:

Although Virtual Memory may be used, we strongly recommend disabling virtual memory and loading the machine with at least 192 meg. of RAM.

File Sharing and AppleTalk:

We strongly recommend disabling File Sharing and AppleTalk while using the Panoscan capture software.

Energy Saver Settings:

The Energy Saver settings are critical to getting the best performance out of your Panoscan system.

You must make sure that ALL of the sleep settings are disabled.

You must Also make sure that the advanced settings are disabled such as "Allow processor cycling" and "Reduce processor speed". This processor cycling feature will drastically slow down the scanning process.