Panoscan introduces a breakthrough in 3D scene capture!  The Panoscan PointGun™ is a portable handheld 3D scanner that captures high density color point cloud data with unprecedented speed and portability.


The Panoscan PointGun collects up to 20 million colored 3D points per scan session and stores them on a powerful Android™ tablet.  Cloud density  is controlled by subject distance.  Powered by Dot Product’s Phi-3D app, the PointGun can save 3D data in industry standard formats such as PTX, PTS and PLY  formats.  The PointGun also saves in a highly compressed (lossless) DP format that fits well over 2000 scans on the Android tablet.


The PointGun's Phi.3D technology provides users with real-time data quality feedback as the data is being acquired.  Simply hold the imager in your hand and capture in 3D as you walk through the area of interest.


Use the Append to scan function to add new data to previously captured 3D spatial data. New data can be captured and appended on-the-fly without the need for additional targets or control.


The PointGun includes a powerful LED lighting system for capturing color data in dark locations.  And the system can operate off powerful rechargeable Makita tool batteries for up to three hours between battery swaps.


Point cloud scans captured with the PointGun can be used with most popular CAD software including Autodesk Products, Visual Statement's Edge FX and many more...

Version 2 now shipping!

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