The Next Generation of Digital Panoramic Cameras

Los Angeles, CA (September 2002) –Panoscan, Inc., a Los Angeles based manufacturer of ultra-high-resolution digital panoramic camera products, today announced the introduction of their all new, Panoscan MK-2 panoramic camera system, and their strategic partnership with digital camera manufacturer, Better Light, Inc.

When the MK-1 was introduced in January of 1999, it was immediately recognized as a breakthrough for VR digital panoramic photography. The MK-1 featured no-stitching technology, high resolution, and a flexible architecture that made it possible to use wide angle lenses. The MK-1 was almost universally embraced by auto manufacturers, who saw it as the ideal tool for capturing auto interiors in high resolution. Law enforcement agencies have also been using the MK-1 for a variety of applications including high resolution crime scene capture and virtual walkthroughs of public places, like schools, for emergency response preparedness.

The MK-2 is the next generation of panoramic camera, with an impressive list of innovations, many of them made possible because this new system has Better Light electronics built in, and uses Better Light’s user friendly, Viewfinder 5 operating software. This combination of superior electronics with Panoscan engineering makes it possible to capture images in situations that simply have not been possible before.

The MK-2 is up to four times faster than any digital panoramic camera in the world, with a capture rate of up to 194 million pixels per minute. This feature allows the capture of people in motion, which makes it a powerful tool for event documentation and tourism, for example.

An ISO of 1600 and beyond, even at full resolution settings, makes the new MK-2 up to four times more light sensitive than any other panoramic camera, digital or film. This impressive capability makes it possible to shoot in both very low and very bright light situations. This feature is particularly valuable in crime scene capture, where lighting is seldom ideal.

Other all new features include an automatic black calibration shutter, that allows the camera to be operated in hostile and/or limited-access environments, and it also features an automatic 4 zone white balance for more accurate capture of changing light throughout the panorama. The MK-2 uses superior Mamiya medium format lenses, for extraordinary sharpness. A new, more powerful drive, allows for operation in any position. (Even sideways.)

The new MK-2 features a battery system for up to 4 hours of use, a rugged, customized travel case, and a modular architecture for easy upgrades.

“In designing the MK-2, we have tried to address the needs of our customers. They wanted to freeze action in busy environments and they wanted to capture in difficult lighting conditions with greater latitude. At the same time, they wanted us to maintain Panoscan’s flexibility and industrial durability,” says Panoscan President and the designer of the MK-2, Ted Chavalas. “We are proud to have achieved these goals and more.”

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About Panoscan Inc.
Panoscan, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of high-resolution digital panoramic camera products uses a combination of proprietary hardware and software to produce fully digital panoramic images which require little if any post production. The Panoscan System allows real-time viewing of scanned images as still photos or QuickTime or Java enabled virtual reality movies -- representing a breakthrough in speed, quality and ease of use for immersive panoramic imaging.

About Better Light, Inc.
Better Light digital scanning backs are used throughout the world in diverse applications for commercial, advertising, art reproduction, industrial and scientific photography. The company is respected as the worldwide leader in large format digital capture, creating images with clarity and detail that surpass 8x10 transparency film. Better Light’s award-winning technology captures delicate gradations, crystal clear highlights and perfectly neutral color to assure trouble-free post-production and printing.

More information about the company and its innovative products and applications can be found at

Panoscan, Inc.
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Not to be confused with other panoramic cameras like, Spheron, Spherocam, Panocam, Panoptic, epan, Seitz or EyeScan.