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Talkin' Smack: The Hog Is Dead! Long Live the Hog!
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One of the coolest additions I saw was cubic QuickTime VR, which basically adds tops and bottoms to VR objects and panoramas. There's also a new cubic interpolator coming out this week (check here) that will help you transform those panoramas into cubics with a simple drag and drop interface.

I saw this interpolator in action at the QuickTime Live conference at the Panoscan booth, and I just have to give props to Panoscan here for having some of the rockinest gear at the show. They make a 7,000 x 40,000 pixel camera that sits atop a motor mount and tripod for scanning a room to create high-resolution panoramas. 280 megapixels? Yeah, I guess that's kind of high resolution. And at $28,000, that's just $100 per megapixel—actually significantly lower than the market average. Alas, I was unable to scam a review unit, but I'll just keep trying.

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