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Panoscan, Inc.

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Leading Digital Panoramic Camera Company On Display at Computers for Construction 2000 (Booth #100)
Panoscan makes panoramic capture for construction and design a reality

Los Angeles, CA, November 2, 2000 æ Panoscan Inc., which creates ultra-high resolution 360 degree digital images, will be showcasing its camera system at the Computers for Construction 2000 Conference at the Anaheim Convention Center from November 7-9. The award-winning, Mac-enabled digital camera, will be displayed at Booth #100.

Among the uses for the construction and architectural industry include virtual tours of construction sites or model homes to examine in high-resolution detail; designing demolition plans; and to film tours of access/exit points in buildings for emergency preparedness and handicap access.

Presently, the Metropolitan State College of Denver is using Panoscan as part of a program that uses a web site to preview locations for persons with disabilities. Three Colorado locations are being photographed and placed on the Web as part of a study to determine whether anxiety is reduced when persons with disabilities preview a site before visiting in person.

The versatility of the Panoscan System makes it an ideal choice for construction and architectural applications with its unparalleled resolution, extreme light sensitivity and extraordinary capture quality. With Panoscan, you not only eliminate cost-intensive post capture stitching, but it also provides real-time viewing of the high-resolution image which can be stored on a CD ROM or instantly transmitted via email virtually anywhere.

Additionally, 19 auto manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and Cadillac, Infinity among others has chosen Panoscan to create an immersive "virtual driver" environment.

"We are proud to demonstrate how our ‘no compromise’ solution to panoramic image captures offers a valuable proposition to the construction, engineering and design industry," says Panoscan President, and product inventor, Ted Chavalas.

Weighing just 38 pounds with the tripod included, its compact, rugged design and agile handling makes it especially well suited for use in harsh, demanding and confined environments. The maximum image size is an astounding 7,000 pixels by 22,000 pixels over 390 degrees with a maximum capture speed of 125 lines per second.

About Panoscan, Inc.

Panoscan, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of high-resolution digital panoramic camera products, uses a combination of proprietary hardware and software to produce fully digital panoramic images with no post capture processing. The Panoscan System allows real-time viewing of scanned images as still photos or player-enabled virtual reality movies -- representing a breakthrough in speed, quality and ease of use for immersive panoramic imaging.

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