Version 1.0.2

Panoscan is proud to introduce our first application for measuring panoramic images. PanoMetric™ allows users to take accurate measurements of any scene indoors or out.

How it works:

The camera is set up on a special tripod and two panoramas are scanned. Next the images are processed to ensure geometric accuracy. Finally the images are loaded into PanoMetric for measurements. The user simply points to any pixel in the scene and accurate distance and spatial data is displayed. Point to point measurement is fast and accurate.

Once the points and measurements have been collected the results can be saved out in DXF format for use with popular CAD programs and 3D modeling applications such as Cad Zone, AutoCAD, Maya, Lightwave 3D and many more...

PanoMetric is accurate to fractions of an inch over a 25 foot radius. The high resolution and repeatability of the Panoscan system brings unparalleled accuracy to spacial measurement. Since the PanoMetric application is based on image data, measurements of surface details such as skid marks or blood spatter can be measured accurately where laser scanners would fail.

Now the entire scene can be captured and brought home for measurements. New measurements can be added at any time. Users need not be on location to take the measurements.

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