Version 3.5.2 Panoramic Capture Software
Software version 3.5.2 and the latest firmware enables 50mm lenses to shoot without interpolation. This 3.5.2 software will be made to all existing and future Panoscan customers at no additional cost. You may download the version an perform a manual install by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Here are some highlights:


  • Pause control allows scans to be stopped during capture or preview.
  • Improved image scaling for sharper images.
  • User selected vertical or horizontal scaling added.
  • Full AppleScript support to trigger AppleEvents and Scripts.
  • End of scan sounds added.
  • Preview resolution and rotation now stored in preferences.
  • Images exceeding 44K by 44K can be opened and viewed.


  • Double the horizontal resolution for use with 50-100mm lenses.

Panoscan's last firmware effectively doubles the horizontal resolution to take full advantage of 50mm lenses. (To see an example click here) The resulting file from a 50mm lens can be 7,072 by 44,000 pixels wide without interpolation. You have to be careful with this new feature because older versions of Photoshop have a limitation of 30,000 pixels. Also a CD ROM can only handle 650 meg. A 44K wide panoramic image will exceed 880 meg.