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MK-2 Panoramic Digital Camera
To sum up the difference between our MK-3 panoramic camera and everything else. It's fast. In fact, it is twice as fast as our MK-2 and 8 times faster than our original MK-1 camera! The system uses triple A to D converters and a dedicated digital signal processor that can deliver a full 360 degree image in less than 8 seconds flat!

All that speed is useless if you have to use slow shutter speeds. That's why the sensitivity is also important. With the MK-3 our sensitivity is also about 4 times higher than our MK-1. (That includes our competition too.) But it gets better...

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The MK-3 was designed in conjunction with Better Light Inc. Better Light is known the world over for producing the finest scanning camera inserts for 4 x 5 photographers. In fact, the Better Light systems are so superb even Kodak sold them.

Nobody has more experience with professional scanning camera systems than Better Light. The sophisticated software and superb performance are unrivaled. The MK-3 leverages this extraordinary technology to the fullest, making the MK-3 the highest performance digital panoramic camera in the world. Now with cross platform compatibility!

A great camera needs great lenses. That's why we custom designed our own wide angle lens systems for the MK-3. Our medium format lenses offer sharpness and contrast that out perform all other consumer lens systems. The Panoscan camera system can also used with high quality commercial medium format lenses if desired.

The MK-3 accepts Panoscan, Hasselblad and Mamiya optics. We offer a wide variety of focal lengths to choose from. Ranging from 13 degrees all the way up to a fully spherical 22.5mm fisheye lens, designed by Panoscan, that is truly astounding.

World class hardware needs a user interface that works to be truly useful. The Better Light ViewFinder software was designed by professional photographers for professional photographers. The sophisticated features make using the system fast, accurate and efficient. Compare the speed, sensitivity and optics. We think you will agree that the MK-3 is in a class by it's self.

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