Max. Vert. Resolution: 6,000. pixels. (9000 enhanced mode)

Max. Horz. Resolution: 65,000. pixels.

Output Files: 24 bit TIFF, 48 bit TIFF and Adobe DNG.

Sensitivity: ISO 200-3200.

CCD: Trilinear 72mm 12 micron pixels.

Lens System: Mamiya 645 format. & Hasselblad 6 X 6 format.

Lens Range: 22.5mm fisheye to 300mm.

VFOV Range: 13 to full 185 degrees. (Lens dependent.)

HFOV Range: User defined.

Shutter Speed Range: 1/8th to 1/3000th sec.

Min. Full Resolution Scan Time for 360: 54 seconds.

Min. Low Resolution Scan Time for 360: 7 seconds.

Reset Time: 7 seconds

Camera Dimensions: H 15.7 in. Swing Radius 5.6 in.

Camera Weight: 9.5 lb.

Processor Dimension: 5.5 in. X 7.375 in. X 1 in.

Processor Weight: 20 ounces.

Battery: 12.6 volt Gel Type. 4-6 Hr. typical use.

Computer Interface: USB 2.0.

Creative Filter Holder: Standard 62mm dia.

Mounting Thread: Standard 3/8 in. X 16 thread.

Software: Better Light Viewfinder 7

OS Compatibility: OS-X, Universal, Windows XP, Vista, 7

Warranty: 2 Years.

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Standard system includes:

Panoscan Camera Body, 80 GIG. Processor Module, 15 foot camera cable, 10 foot USB 2.0 cable, Daylight IR blocking filter, Battery, Storage Case, Manuals and ViewFinder Software.

Optional Equipment:

Tungsten IR blocking filter, Gitzo Tripod & leveling head, Quick Release, Panoscan Lenses, Laptop Computer, Portability Options, Lighting Kits and Post production software.