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MK-2 Panoramic Camera

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• Full resolution spherical scans in 54 seconds !

• Up to 8 times faster than the competition !

• Up to 4 times more sensitivity than the competition !

• Shoots in low light. (Up To ISO 3200)

• Automatic black calibration. (No more lens caps.)

• Accepts Panoscan, Mamiya & Hasselblad lenses.

• Superior Software (Uses Better Light ViewFinder ! )

• Automatic white balance with up to 8 zones.

• Accepts standard 62mm creative filters behind lens.

• Captures alternate spectrum images.

• Silent vibration free operation.

• Powerful rotation drive operates in any position.

• Quick reset after scan takes less than 8 seconds.

• USB 2.0 interface!

• Exclusive anti-reflection coatings reduce CCD glare.

• Modular system architecture for easy upgrades.

• Dedicated storage drive for maximum performance.

• Sophisticated power managment for battery or AC.

Portability Options

• Powerful Integrated Lighting Kit


The Panoscan MK-3 is a third generation panoramic camera. The MK-3 can scan a full 360 degree image in less than 8 seconds. MK-3 images can be presented as flat panoramic images or in most virtual reality players such as QuickTime VR, Flash VR or JAVA based players. The MK-3 system is designed for rugged field use.

The MK-3 system is ideal for applications including: Forensic crime scene photography, tactical mapping and many homeland security applications. The system is also ideal for commercial panoramic photography as well.