Since most crimes happen at night...

Panoscan is proud to offer a remarkable new improved LED light kit for shooting in dark situations. The LED unit mounts on the camera in seconds using a convenient "speed clamp". Fourteen precision aligned LED units throw an astoundingly bright 180 degree "arc" of light for the camera. (The system can also be operated in a 90 degree mode for increased battery life.)

The LED fixture provides spherical coverage and 5000K color temperature that mixes well with most other lighting sources. The system exceeds 300 lux at 10 feet. This illumination is sufficient for shooting up to a 50 foot radius at night. Indoors the light is bright enough to allow high aperture shooting for increased depth of field. In fact... This system outperforms our previous 1000 watt tungsten kits at a fraction of the weight & size. The LED's also feature instant start up without color drift. Advanced switching regulators ensure constant output over the entire battery cycle. Built in cooling fans maintain the fixture at room temperature. (The entire fixture remains cool to the touch at all times.) Becasue the solid state LED's are rated at over 55,000 hours you don't need to worry about spare lamps.

This system is powered by two 18 volt Makita LXT Lithium Ion batteries. The powerful LXT batteries clip onto the fixture in seconds allowing the user to instantly change batteries in the field. (Typical run times of 45 min. per charge on the 180 setting and 75 min. on the 90 setting.) The LXT batteries & chargers are also available at most Makita power tool resellers at very reasonable prices worldwide.

• 45-75 Minute Run Time

• Instant Battery Swap

• Available Worldwide

• Fully Automatic Charger

• No "Memory Effect"

• 180 and 90 deg. coverage

• Over 160 lux at 10 feet

• 4000K Color Temp.

• Fan Cooled Operation

• Fully Regulated Output

• Instant On & Off.

• No Color Drift

• High CRI (90)

• Light Weight (10 lbs.)

• Speed Clamp Mounting

• Faster Scan Times

• LED's rated 35,000+ hrs.