QuickTime VR Player Help
A QuickTime VR panorama is essentially a type of QuickTime movie. A panorama is a 360 degree view of a scene.

QuickTime VR panoramas are movable. To move the picture click and drag on the picture in the direction that you wish to move. When moving about the scene will become  . Within a panorama movie, the cursor will become .

Such a scene may contain 'hotspots' indicated by a change in the cursor from  to or . Hotspots, when clicked on, may transport you to additional media content, or perform an action of the artists intent. Also the location of hotspots within a panorama may be shown by clicking on the button with the arrow and question mark as shown below.

Additionally, you can zoom in and zoom out of a panorama by clicking on the + and - buttons on the movie window... or with the shift and control keys respectively.

Panorama specific terms: Nodes - a node is a single scene; a single 360 degree view. Nodes may be linked together via hotspots so that, if each node is a partial view of a larger scene (each one room in a house) clicking through each node can give the sense of traveling around inside the environment. NOTE: nodes need not be linked to other or similar nodes, they can be linked to any media content, even another page or URL.