The Panoscan MK-3 has a unique interchangeable filter system that allows for alternate spectrum photography. (Click here for a spectral response curve.)

While most digital cameras have a permanent filter that blocks all infra-red light from reaching the CCD, the MK-3 has a removable filter. The removable filter allows near ultra violet and near infra-red energy to reach the CCD sensor if desired.

This unique feature also allows the MK-3 to be fitted with specific wavelength filters for forensic applications. In the examples below the IR filter has been replaced with various yellow and orange filters and an alternate spectrum light source is used to reveal hidden stain evidence.

The MK-3 can also be fitted with a visible light blocking filter to produce infra-red images as well. (Such as a Tiffen 87) This removable filter system is unique to Panoscan.

These images were shot using the Linear Orange filter kit provided by Linear Systems. This filter kit is available in 62mm size to fit the Panoscan MK-3.
Click here to see an Infra-Red panoramic example.