Panoscan 46mm f3.5 APO Fisheye Lens
Focal Length
Angle of View
90 degrees Vert.
Image Circle
Aperture Range
f3.5 -f38
Focus Range
2 feet to infinity
MTF Center
> 90 lp/mm
MTF +/- 90 deg.
> 40 lp/mm
Lateral Color
< 3 microns
< 1%
< 20%
< .5% 400-656nm
Useful Range
330-980 um
Diameter (Front)
150 mm
2.1 lbs.

Panoscan is proud to offer our new 46mm APO fisheye lens for the Panoscan Camera system. This lens is completely designed from the ground up for use with the Panoscan camera system. Panoramic images captured with this lens are tack sharp from center to edge with virtually no visible chromatic aberration. The fisheye design offers superior optical performance to a rectilinear design. Panoscan's ImagePrep software is used to further process the image into a standard cylindrical projection for use with VR players. This lens features ultra low dispersion glass and custom multi coatings for unparalleled contrast and sharpness.

A unique magnetic slit cap further improves the image by blocking lens flare and reducing glare. No other lens on the market can compare to the performance & quality that this lens can deliver on the Panoscan camera system.